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Take me to Andy's "Country Coast Jamboree" New CD of 12 songs, released 3/2003

This collection of 15 mostly instrumental tunes is like a breath of sea air on a summer day - with tracks that are dedicated specifically to parts of the day when they're best enjoyed. Track 1, "Morning Star" is one such tune. with it's upbeat and happy melodic line, amid the gorgeous sounds of the open strings BA plays. The multi-track effort has influences of Ackerman and Hedges and a travis picking style that neither of the two Windham Hill artists really exploited to the extent that Andrew does here. His style is melodic with chromatic passing tones within the guitar melodies, and pedaling bass lines supporting honky-tonk like single lines on the top strings. Highlights include, "Flying Guitars", "Sitting On Top of the World", "Caffeine Machine", and a cover of the jazz standard, "Girl from Ipanema". . all mp3'd here. California garden party/ocean party music
I can see the scene, "hey Bob, how's that new proposal coming along...wait - wow, that CD is great. . who is it?".. and so it will go -
Cool stringin' from the Bro of 2002.

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