"the Electric Flying Machine"

simular to a UFO disc.

Drawing by: William Lyne

The electric flying machine, invented by Nicola Tesla. He first invented the

"electric turbine & alternator" in 1893. He finalized his electric flying machine by 1932.

His invention was kept a secert, because like today his inventions gave

competition to the Big Power Wigs of his time. Even today about half of Tesla's

inventions are shelfed, buried. They test ride UFO's in Area 51, near Las Vegas, Neveda.

Next time you are in Las Vegas, don't forget to take the Area 51 helicopter ride.

Patent drawings : "electric turbine and alternator" in 1893.

This device is the ultimate personal flying machine. It runs under free gravational energy, so need for gas. The electric turbine above runs the thing. No need for passports. No border patrol. No more gas bills. No more Airlines, airline tickets. Say Goodbye to SMOG. Go any where in the world! Heal the Ozone by cutting way down on no more gasoline/diesel combustion engine vehicles. The "Earth" could survive. Cut down hwy noise polution. Visit Grandma's house in 10 minutes times, stop off for dinner at the folks and still have time to catch a good movie!

(But don't fly over Iran or Saudi Arabia or Afghanastan they just might shoot you down.)

I recently read an article that said that in 10 years from now, (2008) in Los Angeles that there will be so much traffic that the maxium speed on the Freeways will be 10 mph. So how about a swarms of "Electric Flying Machines" in the air. Imagine how people could be flying at different elevations. Almost unlimited.

Get informed read/order the book on "Ether Physics" by William Lyne.

You'll be glad ya did. Bro Andrew

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